Common web design mistakes you should avoid

When creating a website, different developers have different kinds of priorities. From small business to big businesses, it is always important to ensure your website does well and serves its’ purpose. Though website functionality is important, the design is a very important aspect as well.

Cluttered and inconsistency. Less is one of the important rules in web design. Having too much information or content on a single web page isn’t appealing to one’s eyes. It’ll look very disorganized and nobody would want to view your website. Keep things simple and clean is always the way to go.

Useless Call-To-Action (CTA). Websites serve a purpose with a goal in mind, and that is to get users to perform an action upon visiting a website. It should be smack right on the page as soon as a user enters a website, not make it hard for users to find for it.

Bad navigation. Users enter a website with a goal in mind. If they don’t know what they are doing while navigating through your website, the user will get frustrated and will not bother with your website again. Users should be able to understand what they can do next.

Takes too long to load. People, in general, are impatient in real life and even online. Most people wouldn’t want to wait too long for a website to load. We want a quick fix to our problems. The maximum loading time should be less than 2 seconds, especially on mobile phones.

Unpleasant colour scheme. If the colour contrast between the text and background is bad, it will totally be unreadable. A good colour scheme consists of a beautiful and concise interface and atmosphere.

In summary, the design of a website should match well with the website’s functionality. Web design Malaysia agencies should be able to avoid these common mistakes and create a website that suits your needs and wants.